About Kath

Kath has been providing editing services through her company Vicious Editing since 2000, although it’s only in the last few years she finally named her company. Whether you need a report, brochure, business letter, newsletter or ad for your company, or you are a writer who wants help with the direction and development of your manuscript, Vicious Editing can do these jobs fast and efficiently.

Vicious Editing provides communication services to businesses and editorial and reading services for developing and professional writers. As a seasoned writer of fiction, nonfiction, poetry and performance poetry, Kath can provide expert advice to writers of almost every genre. Her editing services include three packages: Gold, Silver and Bronze, all of which include a detailed report of the manuscript. Designed to offer writers help with plot, character, structure & form, Kath can help you develop and polish your manuscript before you submit it to a publisher. Contact Kath for more information about these services, current prices, and group discounts.

Kath also offers writing workshops to groups and individuals of all ages and levels of writing experience. As a certified teacher she is able to provide services to school children in elementary, junior high, or high school classrooms. Her experiences in postsecondary classrooms and in outreach programmes in the community are extensive and make her the ideal facilitator, host, or guest speaker for your next event.

Why vicious? Too many companies and editing services hold their breath, pussy-foot around the edges of the job and often miss their target by candy-coating their comments just to keep their clients feeling good, but always at the client’s expense. Vicious editing growls; it tells the truth without slant so clients can understand, take action where needed, and produce clearer more successful products whether its for business or for one’s own personal writing.

For prices, consideration, and more information about these services, please contact .

"Kath MacLean is a terrific editor. Her feedback is just what I need to move my work forward. Part motivating muse, part kickass critic, Kath sees the order in disorder, shows me where to carve away the excess, and helps me see what I can't see for myself. I can't wait to work with her again." – Myrl Coulter